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  • Vallisaari is accessible by water using the ferry. A regular wheelchair fits on the ferry. The ferry operator recommends that wheelchair users have assistants with them. Assistants of passengers using wheelchairs may travel free of charge. For more information, please visit the Suomen Saaristokuljetus and JT-Line websites.
  • Vallisaari is a challenging place for people with limited mobility. The routes are paved mainly with sand and partly with stone. Uneven paved stretches cannot be avoided. The biennial’s route has no outdoor stairs, but there are stairs at the entrances and indoors. The terrain is rough and hilly in places. Weather conditions also influence how even, hard, or slippery the routes are. It is recommended that persons with wheelchairs or rolling walkers visit Vallisaari with an assistant. The slope of the road:  Vallisaari.pdf
  • If necessary, Helsinki Biennial’s exhibition attendants will help with the exhibition entrances’ stairs and thresholds.
  • Vallisaari has accessible toilets, which are marked on the maps.
  • It can be difficult for individuals with poor eyesight to perceive the routes.
  • Guide and assistance dogs are welcome.
  • Vallisaari does not have induction loops.
  • Information about the guided tours’ accessibility is available in connection with the guide booking.
  • There are accessible works of art and events on the mainland.