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Following artworks under maintenance: 8 Jaakko Niemelä, 11 Samir Bhowmik, 12 Niskanen & Salo

Guided tours and art workshops for groups

Guided tours

Guided tours will help you get more out of the Helsinki Biennial’s artworks and provide an opportunity to discuss the art. Our guides are art professionals who can answer your questions and tell you about what Vallisaari Island has to offer. Book a guided tour for yourself or your group below.

Maximum group size: 25 persons per guide.

The guided tours will be organised as allowed by COVID-19 restrictions. 

You can reach the tour guide coordinator at the following number +358 40 1801 991 Mon-Thurs, 9.30 am–12 pm and 1 pm–2.30 pm.

Helsinki Biennial tour

Hear the most interesting stories about the artworks featured in the Helsinki Biennial and learn more about the artists behind the works. We will follow the Alexander’s tour (3km) and will stop to look at the artworks along the way.

The tour starts at the Luotsipiha entry pier, in front of the Pilots’ House, and ends at the Alexander Battery.

Duration 1.5 hours. Price EUR 345/group.

Book the tour here

Helsinki Biennial island tempo

Unwind and relax with art at the Helsinki Biennial! We will find out more about the Biennial’s artworks and relax in verdant Vallisaari. We will also do some relaxation exercises during the tour. There is no need to bring any special equipment – just wear comfortable shoes.

The tour begins at the entry pier, in front of the Pilots’ House in Vallisaari, and ends near the Alexander Battery.

Duration 2 hours. Price EUR 395/group.

Book the tour here

Selected works from Helsinki Biennial

The guided tour focuses on the artworks that are on display at the historical Alexander Battery and in its beautiful surroundings.

The tour begins at the gate of the Alexander Battery and ends at Kustaanmiekka or the Alexander Battery. When planning your arrival, make sure you allow enough time to walk (approx. 20–30 mins) from the harbour to where the tour begins.

Duration 45 minutes. Price EUR 295/group.

Book the tour here


Introduction to Helsinki Biennial

Are you interested in familiarising yourself with the artworks of the Helsinki Biennial and the artists before you visit the island? During the introduction you will hear about the Biennial’s art and you will have the chance to admire Vallisaari’s beautiful scenery and the artworks without leaving the mainland. The tour is also well-suited for those who would find it a challenge to move about in Vallisaari’s terrain.

Introduction will be held at HAM Corner, Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8, 00100, Helsinki. HAM Corner is located at street level on the corner of Eteläinen Rautatiekatu and Jaakonkatu.

The workshop is paid for at the HAM ticket counter before the start of the workshop.

Duration 45 minutes. Price EUR 295/group.

Book the tour here

Art workshops

From microscopic views to algae paintings

At this workshop, which combines art with science, samples collected from nature are studied under a microscope. The samples studied include algae, moss, parts of plants or small organisms. The microscopic views are then enlarged into paintings done on watercolour paper. The paints used will be colour solutions made from algae powder.

The event will be held at the HAM workshop, Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8, 00100, Helsinki. The group must register at the HAM ticket counter.

Duration 2 hours. EUR 340/group.
Group size max 20 persons.

Book the workshop here