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One HEL of an art experience.
Sea you at Helsinki Biennial, Vallisaari 12.6. – 27.9.2020.

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One HEL of an art experience.
Sea you at Helsinki Biennial, Vallisaari 12.6. – 27.9.2020.

One HEL of an art experience.

One HEL of an
art experience.

Helsinki Biennial is an international art event that will bring outstanding contemporary art to maritime Helsinki. The first Helsinki Biennial will be held in summer 2020 in the unique surroundings of Vallisaari Island.

Helsinki Biennial will present the highlights of international art from Finland and around the world to Helsinki’s residents and tourists. There will be workshops, multidisciplinary art performances and a programme of associated events on Vallisaari Island and elsewhere in Helsinki.

Vallisaari Island is located between the open sea and the urban landscape. The Helsinki Biennial’s artworks will be built on an island, which is layered in cultural history and has returned to nature, in a way that respects its nature and buildings. The Helsinki Biennial is based on environmental-friendliness and responsibility, and these values are being respected as much as possible in the implementation of the event.

Helsinki Biennial is free to attend.

Take a walk on the art side.

Take a walk on
the art side.

Helsinki Biennial will present about 30 interesting and topical artists. The artists have been invited to create new artworks, which will be built indoors or outdoors on the island, or to present their existing artworks. The artworks will engage in a dialogue with the island and the subjects flowing from it.

HAM is responsible for curating and producing the Helsinki Biennial. The event’s head curators are Pirkko Siitari and Taru Tappola. The names of the artists participating in the event will be publicised in spring 2020.


The treasure island of art.


The treasure
island of art.

Vallisaari Island, which is next to Helsinki, offers a unique environment for the Helsinki Biennial. The island was in military use from the 1800s and was only opened to the public for recreational use in 2016. Hundreds of people have lived on Vallisaari Island and its neighbouring Kuninkaansaari Island, and pilots have worked on the island as well as soldiers. The island has always been host to cultural events, such as dances, landscape painting and theatre clubs.

Even though it has been considerably adapted by humans in the past, the island has a unique and abundant wildlife. Vallisaari is home to thousands of butterflies and is an area well-loved by bats. The island is also home to a delightfully varied flora.

The Helsinki Biennial’s artworks will be located by the footpath on Vallisaari, respecting the nature and the environment.

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