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BIOS Research Unit: BIOS’ open summer office

23.7 — Vallisaari

BIOS is an independent, multidisciplinary research unit comprising eight researchers. The BIOS Research Station on Vallisaari Island looks at instances where the environment and economy are so radically dissociated that the connection between them is virtually severed. BIOS will share information from around the world and strive to transform abstract scientific knowledge into an experience that is as concrete as possible for visitors. The members of the collective shed light on this issue from a variety of perspectives. During the biennial, BIOS will also host lectures by visiting scientists, seminars, and a variety of other events.

At the event we invite the biennial audience to participate in the current work of BIOS researchers. The event will be held at the BIOS Research Station in Vallisaari as well as in Zoom.

Length: 16:00-18:00