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Bird Disco

07.7 — Vallisaari, old fire station

Photo: Pasi Autio

Everyone dances to a “chirpy beat” in Bird Disco. Pasi Autio is fascinated by the rhythms and musicality of birdsongs. Drastic drops in bird populations have been reported in the news recently. With this piece, the artist stirs mixed emotions by linking a grave global issue – biodiversity loss – with the seductive appeal of music. Autio has synthesized natural birdsongs into rhythmic, minimalist, psychedelic disco hits. Dancer Saku Koistinen created the choreography based on typical avian movements. Koistinen is also the dance teacher in the Bird Disco, teaching the moves without saying a word. You can dance to the chirpy beat however you want – there isn’t a wrong way!

Venue: Old fire station
Performance times: at 12:30, 14:00, 16:30 and 17:30
Length: about 20-25 min.

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