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Gallery Open Doors: Abominable Mystery

02.9 klo 19:30 — Ama Gallery

Photo: Tiina Heiska How to Paint a Rose. Still from video.

Registration for this event is closed.

Date: Thursday 2nd September
Time: 19:30

Mollu Heino, Tiina Heiska, Tiina Elina Nurminen,
Sara Orava ja Elsa Salonen

Inhottava mysteeri / Abominable Mystery

Darwin coined the phrase, abominable mystery, in 1879. He was deeply bothered by how flowering plants conquered the world seemingly in the blink of an eye, while other large groups, such as the mammals, evolved gradually. The advent of flowering plants suggested evolution could be both rapid and abrupt, in direct contradiction to an essential element of natural selection, where nature makes no leap. Darwin feared this inexplicable puzzle would undermine his theories of evolution.

The exhibition also examines flowers as a symbol of femininity and connects it to early centuries when women could not study to become a professional artist, but they were allowed to paint flowers as a hobby.  How this history of flowers and women still affects professional female artists and can they be taken seriously if they paint flowers as individual artists?

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