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Indigestibles: Heartburn

27.8 — Vallisaari

Photo: Maija Toivanen/HAM/Helsinki Biennial 2021

The workshop is an embodied sensorial exploration of the digestive system, uncovering the character and qualities of one of the human body’s hardest working systems. We will explore the mouth and gut-tube as a central axis of support and as our primary means of orientation through space. The session will play with themes of “what we take in and what we let go of” as a digesting entity in the world.

The workshop is led by Andrew Kerton, Artist and Body Mind Centering, Somatic Movement Educator and Artist Dafna Maimon.

Starting times:

11:00 am: sign up here
1 pm: sign up here 
3:30 pm: sign up here

Workshop length: 60 min

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