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Lost Islands

05.8 — Vallisaari

The performative tour follows the imaginary route of an underwater cable over Vallisaari. The tour guide takes the audience via this route amid the wilderness of the island through ruins, attics, cellars and bunkers. The cable route as a metaphor acts as an ephemeral and tangible infrastructure with nodes, diversions and leakages in the form of immersive performances, artifacts and installations. Performances become encounters with the diversions and leakages. Artifacts and installations become physical manifestations of the various nodes. The audience participate in this tracing of the cable route to experience it as a collective with the performers.

Expeditions in August: / 8.8. / 18.8. / 19.8. / 20.8. / 22.8.

Starting time: 17:00
Length: 1,5 hours

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Photo: Maija Toivanen/HAM/Helsinki Biennial