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W A U H A U S: A Great Mess

27.8 klo 19:00 — Vuosaarenhuippu

Photo: W A U H A U S

A Great Mess, a site-specific performance by W A U H A U S, invites its viewers to a hilltop called Vuosaarenhuippu, a former landfill that has been converted into a recreation area. The performance takes place during sunset and journeys among sun-scorched thymes, discarded matter, porous skin, surrendering, earthmoving machines, and the landscapes of human imagination. A Great Mess offers new perspectives on the vast web of interdependencies in which we exist together with other organisms and materials.

Meeting and return ride (free of charge) from Mosaiikkitori bridge to Vuosaarenhuippu. Due to a difficult location, the performance is not accessible.

Length: about 3 hours

The performance is held in Finnish.

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