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Frequently asked questions

What are the opening hours of the Helsinki Biennial?

Mon–Tue closed, Wed–Sun 11–18

The Biennial opens each day at 11 am – so why does the ferry service to Vallisaari start earlier?

You can, of course, also visit Vallisaari island outside the opening hours of the Biennial. In addition, some of the Biennial’s outdoor works can be experienced outside the regular opening hours: 10 Teemu Lehmusruusu, 13 Alicja Kwade, 14 ATTAKWAD, 15 EGS, 18 Tadashi Kawamata, 21 Laura Könönen, 27 Kyungwoo Chun, 38 Katharina Grosse, 39 Alicja Kwade.

How much is the admission fee to the Helsinki Biennial?

The Helsinki Biennial is free-of-charge. Visitors only need to pay the price of the ferry ticket.

Can I bring a dog with me to Helsinki Biennial?

You can bring a dog to the Biennial. However, all dogs must be kept on a lead. This is also for the dogs’ own safety. Dogs or other pets may not, however, be brought indoors.

How can I get to Vallisaari?

There is a regular ferry service to Vallisaari operated by Suomen Saaristokuljetus. The ferry service starts from the Helsinki Biennial pavilion which is next to the Old Market Hall by the Market Square.

JT-Line also operates an Island Hopping ferry route from Hakaniemi to the islands of Vasikkasaari, Vallisaari and Lonna via Kruunuvuorenranta until 15 August 2021.

How do I buy a ferry ticket?

Tickets for the regular ferry service can be bought online or from the Biennial pavilion.

Tickets for the JT-Line ferry can also be bought online.

I have some questions about the ferry services. Who can I contact?

Suomen Saaristokuljetus (Market Square–Vallisaari), +358 10 202 3780 (Mon–Fri 9 am-5 pm)

JT-Line (Hakaniemi–Vallisaari), +358 45 329 0501 (10.30 am–5.30 pm daily)

Exactly where does the ferry from the mainland arrive in Vallisaari?

The Vallisaari ferries arrive at Luotsipiha. See point A on the map.

Where does the ferry leave from Vallisaari for the mainland?

The ferries leave for the mainland from Torpedo Bay in the east of the island. See point C on the map.

Is the Biennial accessible by pushchair?

Vallisaari is accessible by pushchair, especially ones with large wheels. The terrain in Vallisaari is hilly and the paths are made of sand and gravel.

Where can I find information on the accessibility of the Helsinki Biennial?

You can find accessibility information here.
If you have any questions concerning the accessibility of the ferries, please contact the ferry operators:
Suomen Saaristokuljetus: +358 10 202 3780 or, or
JT-Line: +358 10 205 1880 or

 Can I visit the Helsinki Biennial by using my own boat?

You can also visit the island by your own boat. There are 50 guest mooring places.
The mooring fee is EUR 10/visit or day. Overnight stays are EUR 20/day.
Find out more here.

Can I visit the Helsinki Biennial by kayak?

You can visit the island by kayak. Suitable places for coming ashore include the sandy coves by the Luotsipiha pier and the Luotsitalo building. However, it is forbidden to enter the island or come ashore in the restricted areas in the south of Vallisaari.

Can I go indoors carrying a rucksack?

You can carry a rucksack into the exhibition galleries in Vallisaari. However, in order to protect the works of art, our exhibition attendants will ask you to keep your rucksack in front of you, or in your hand.

Can I swim in Vallisaari?

It is not safe to swim in the pond on Vallisaari or off the rocks on the shores. You can swim at the sandy cove on Kuninkaansaari. However, the cove is not an official beach.

Can I fill my drinking bottle in Vallisaari?

You can fill your drinking bottle at the water points near the arrival and departure piers in Vallisaari. The island also has an HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services) water bar where you can fill several bottles at the same time.

Is food and drink available in Vallisaari?

There are several cafes and restaurants in Vallisaari. Most of them are located at Torpedo Bay. Find out more here.