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Helsinki Biennial 2023
New Directions May Emerge

Accreditation for the Helsinki Biennial 2023 professional program

We have created a specific program directed for the professionals in arts to take part in exclusive events and exhibitions on June 9th and 10th. In the second edition of Helsinki Biennial the exhibitions are presented on Vallisaari island in the Helsinki archipelago, HAM Helsinki Art Museum and other locations around Helsinki city. In addition to the biennial, other museums, galleries, and members of Helsinki Art Community will organize events during these dates.

One of our co-curators Museum of Impossible Forms offer programme for professionals in the arts: discursive programme Pylophonic Entanglements 16-17 June at Cultural Centre Stoa and 1-2 September at Cultural Centre Caisa (published later) and  Agonostic Intelligence/s (or another AI/s), a six-day intensive Summer School at HAM Helsinki Art Museum 14-18 August, with the aim to research and learn of the HAM Helsinki Art Museum collection (professionals in the arts can apply to take part to the group at the latest on 30 June).

Accreditation was open until Friday 26.5. at 16.00 and it is now closed. The event is fully booked. Helsinki Biennial opens on 11 June and will be open until 17 September. Welcome!

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