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Lotta Petronella with Sami Tallberg & Lau Nau


Lotta Petronella (b. 1972, Finland) is a filmmaker, artist and curator based on the island of Ruissalo in Turku. She has worked with and on islands for nearly two decades, focusing for the last seven years on the island of Seili. In addition to her filmmaking practice, Petronella is a devoted medicine and flower essence maker and tarot scholar. She also writes poetry, makes soundscapes, and loves walking.

For Helsinki Biennial 2023, Petronella will collaborate with Sami Tallberg and Lau Nau. Sami Tallberg (b. 1976, Finland) is an award-winning chef, food writer and a pioneer in foraging since 2005. He is known especially for his books, catering and courses devoted to wild food and mushrooms as well as his concept design in the restaurant and food industry.

Lau Nau or Laura Naukkarinen (b. 1980, Finland) is a composer and performer who works with analogue synthesizers, acoustic sounds, human voice, electroacoustic experiments and field recordings. Her compositions comprise a range of solo albums, multi-channel sound installations and original scores for films and performing arts.

Together they will create a transdisciplinary artwork of healing, song and ingestion interacting with the diverse inhabitants of Vallisaari Island.

Lotta Petronella: Asking the Island, Tarot Herbarium. Photographer: Jussi Virkkumaa.