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Zodiak presents: Kärkkäinen & Tarvainen


Artist Joni Kärkkäinen and dance artist Jukka Tarvainen create their first mutual artwork for Helsinki Biennial. It invites people to encounter art through movement and self-initiated activity.

Joni Kärkkäinen (b. 1988) is an up-and-coming artist who is currently studying sculpture at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Kärkkäinen uses his art as a lens for studying the world and attempting to come to grips with the social structures around us, offering an alternative take on reality through sculpture, photograph and video. Kärkkäinen says that his ideas are inspired by found materials and the stories they tell.

Jukka Tarvainen (b. 1979) is a dance artist who has performed in a wide variety of works by numerous choreographers and directors. He also works as a choreographer himself. Tarvainen has been an accomplished practitioner of acrobatics and parkour since 2003. Performances staged in settings outside the theatre and movement in public spaces are among his special areas of interest.

Zodiak presents: Kärkkäinen & Tarvainen: The Wall, 2021 ©Maija Toivanen/HAM/Helsinki Biennial 2021

The Wall, 2021

The Wall by artist Joni Kärkkäinen and choreographer Jukka Tarvainen invites people to encounter art through self-initiated interpretation, interaction, invention, exploration, and movement. The idea for this work is based on the dualistic nature of Vallisaari Island: the public can visit half the island, but the other half is restricted. This dualism inspired the artists to begin playing with the idea of jumping a fence.

Tarvainen will additionally direct Get Down from There – And Other Warnings, a performance staged by professional dancers and parkour athletes and amateur dancers. Open workshops and events will be held at The Wall throughout summer.

The work is supported by Lappset Group and Tikkurila.

Photo 1: Matti Pyykkö/Helsinki Biennial 2021

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Artwork location: Töölönlahti Bay

Zodiak presents: Kärkkäinen & Tarvainen

The Wall

Site-specific installation

Design and construction of the sculpture: Joni Kärkkäinen

Safety consultant: Jaakko Junttila (Parkour Academy)

The work is supported by Lappset Group and Tikkurila

Get Down From There – And Other Warnings -performance

Coreography and direction: Jukka Tarvainen

Performers: Kauri Sorvari, Niklas Eränpalo, Sanni Vesterinen, Jussi Suomalainen and a group of voluntary performers

Light designer: Lauri Sirén

Sound designer: Jouni Tauriainen

Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance

Commissioned by HAM/Helsinki Biennial 2021