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Hanna Tuulikki

Hanna Tuulikki combines music, performance and visual art in a unique way to tell stories through imitation, vocalisation and gesture.

Hanna Tuulikki (b. 1982) is a British-Finnish artist, composer and performer, based in Glasgow, Scotland. Her practice spans performance, film and multi-channel audio-visual installation, blending together vocal music, dance, costume and drawing. Her multi-disciplinary projects “investigate the ways in which the body communicates beyond and before words, to tell stories through imitation, vocalisation and gesture”. Often exploring music and movement traditions across cultures, she is particularly interested in how bodily relationships and folk histories are encoded within specific environments and places.


Recent projects include Deer Dancer (2019), an audiovisual installation considering how imitation of deer behaviour in dance constructs masculine rituals and imaginary landscapes; cloud-cuckoo-island (2016), a film featuring a solo vocal improvisation in a natural amphitheatre on the island of Eigg, Scotland, exploring madness, mythology and gender. SOURCEMOUTH: LIQUIDBODY (2016), an audiovisual installation inspired by Indian landscapes and the relationship between river-systems, the body, and Kutiyattam theatre; SING SIGN: a close duet (2015), performance and installation representing the body-in-communication in relation to gender and the city; Away with the Birds  (2010-2015), a body of multi-disciplinary work investigating the imitation of birds in traditional Scottish-Gaelic song, featuring a vocal composition composed from fragments of songs woven into an extended soundscape.

Photos: Perttu Saksa